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Cal-Sul Grease

CalSul Grease is one of the finest greases available today. It provides outstanding, extreme pressure and anti-wear protection and is remarkably stable under prolonged temperature and load. CalSul exhibits phenomenal resistance to water and provides exceptional rust and corrosion protection. Water insoluble and washout resistant, CalSul grease is excellent for high-temperature applications, with a drop point of 570°F (299°C).

Excel-440 Ultra Lubricant

Excel-440 quickly penetrates metal parts with a light, polarized oil winch delivers unsurpassed lubrication to any mechanism. Excel-440 withstands high-temperature environments up to 480°F (250°C) continuous with a non-solid compound that does not build up beyond a single monomolecular layer. Drives out moisture and stops squeaks with lasting results.

Cooling System Conditioner

Cooling System Conditioner consists of water and propylene-glycol with a comprehensive and environmentally safe additive package. It is a revolutionary coolant supplement that is designed to enhance the cooling capacity of engine cooling systems. Compatible with all types of anti-freeze, Cooling System Conditioner extends coolant life, prevents corrosion, prevents scale buildup, and lowers operating temperatures by as much as 20°F (7°C).