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Lubritherm Product Summary

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Water based propylene glycol hydraulic fluid with comprehensive additive package.



Practically Non-Toxic

Continuous Protection

Corrosion Resistant

Wide Operating Range/All Season Lubricant

Immediate Performance/Energy Savings

Lubricity Comparison

The question of Lubricity comes up with Lubritherm hydraulic fluid because it has a low Viscosity Grade (VG) of 10 as compared with other hydraulic fluids, which carry an average VG of 40.

Oil hydraulics use the oil to lubricate which necessitates a VG 40 in order to have adequate oil film thickness to prevent galling (metal-to-metal contact). It is generally accepted that thin oils do not provide enough lubrication. When oils get hot, viscosity goes down and so does the lubricity, which is why oil based hydraulics have a critical operating temperature zone. Conversely, when oil gets below freeze point it becomes more viscous, and won’t operate well as a hydraulic fluid.

Lubritherm does not contain oil. Within its chemistry it makes provision for superior lubrication, comparable to mineral oils. The thin viscosity of Lubritherm and its lack of possible air entrainment help to give instant hydraulic response. Lubritherm provides continuous protection over an extended operating life, and is corrosion resistant.

LubeCorp's Lubritherm Hydraulic Fluid is Canadian Government certified as Environmentally safe, Fireproof, with an Extreme temperature range from -70°F–+175°F (-57°C–+79°C), and is used as a direct replacement to petroleum, vegetable or 'synthetic' hydraulic oils. A summary of Four Ball Wear Test Data (D4172) for various oils and water glycol fluids is available upon request. Contact us for more information.

Safety Issues

Lubritherm contains safe-to-use antiseptics that assist in protecting human, animal, aquatic, plant life and other basal organisms, due to its safe chemistry as examined, approved, and certified by Environment Canada via its ‘Environmental Choice Program’.

From a safety point of view, Lubritherm® Hydraulic Fluid, when accidentally discharged from a leaking joint or burst hose, can be safely walked on whether it’s on concrete, steel, or any other type of flooring. Lubritherm’s molecule is attracted to all metals but ignores footwear which is non-metallic.

Lubritherm’s molecular arrangement is a flatted matrix, like an interwoven floor mat, wherein the various chemical molecules come together in a plane of interlaced molecules that have a tight molecular bond. Oil based products have a spherical molecule like little ball bearings, walk on oil or most synthetic hydraulic fluids and you will probably have an accident.

Lubritherm is fireproof and will not propagate as fuel when reaching a hot engine manifold or open flame.

“Hazmat” does not need to be involved in case of a spill of Lubritherm Hydraulic Fluid (see MSDS). Lubritherm can be safely flushed ‘down-the-drain’, whether that be down a street drain which leads to a waterway or sewer, or in a factory when spilled on the floor, or into a river or lake, or straight on the soil. Lubritherm Hydraulic Fluid’s official ISO Ecotoxicity Classification is “Practically Non-Toxic” and “Absolutely Non-Toxic to Wastewater Treatment Plant bacteria.” (It’s safe like hair shampoo)

Lubritherm’s hydraulic compression, lubrication and cooling is provided through environmentally safe chemicals which handle extreme pressure and temperature ranges better than any other known hydraulic fluids. Lubritherm will not change in its molecular matrix structure and cannot separate in its working environment. Lubritherm intentionally contains some water, along with propylene glycol and other safe organic chemistry within its environmentally safe and approved hydraulic fluid formulation, for ideal operation. Other oil and synthetic hydraulic fluids tend to breakdown in their additives due to moisture absorption from condensation, leakage, etc.

Lubritherm has a field-test proven operating life of at least 5 years (>5,000 hours) without fluid replacement required, in severe environments from -70°F–175°F (-57°C–79°C), and under continuous pump pressures from 15– >6,000 PSI (1–414 BAR).

Anecdotal Data

Lubritherm® All-Temp is a water-based propylene-glycol hydraulic fluid designed as a direct replacement for petroleum, vegetable or synthetic, hydraulic oils, with an operating range from -70°F to +175°F (-57°C–+79°C). Lubritherm has exceptional anti-wear lubrication properties and thermal stability. It is completely compatible with all common hydraulic seals/metals.

LubeCorp completed ISO 14000 standard testing for quality performance and environmental properties on the Lubritherm, and have achieved Lubritherm All-Temp Certification through Environment Canada. Lubritherm is certified as “Practically Non-Toxic”. Testing included: *Performance requirements, *Limits on additives, *Biodegradability, *Low toxicity to fish. Accidental spills or leaks from specialized fire resistant hydraulic fluids are impossible to prevent altogether. They are no problem with Lubritherm All-Temp hydraulics. No reporting is required, just flush it down the drain. In addition to being bio-degradable and fire resistant, Lubritherm provides substantially better footing over mineral oils in the event of fluid spills or leakage onto walkways or platforms, resulting in improved safety in the work environment for operators as well as the general public. Significant Cost Reductions in your hydraulic equipment will result when using Lubritherm All-Temp: