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LubeCorp manufactures and distributes a proven product line of over twenty environmentally friendly products that have real world sales, with other products under development for marketing, world wide. Our products are used in manufacturing, OEM, commercial fleets and heavy equipment operations. Below is a list of our industrial products.

Lubritherm All-Temp Water-based Hydraulic Fluid

Lubritherm® All-Temp

Environmentally safe, non-toxic, fire-proof, extreme temperature range biodegradable hydraulic fluid.
Lubitherm Product Summary

GreenCut Cutting Fluid

GreenCut® Cutting/Misting Fluid

Specifically formulated to ensure long tool life.
GreenCut® Product Summary

Cutting Fluids (Oil-based)

Fastap Cutting Fluid

Fastap’s exceptional lubricity provides first-rate machining performance and surface finishes all for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Designed for use in heavy duty applications involving difficult to machine metal alloys, or severe machining operations requiring reduced friction and temperature performance.

Oils and Oil Conditioners (Oil-based)

Assembly Lube

Specially formulated to provide superior protection against scoring and scuffing in all types of engine and machine assembly operations. Assembly Lube quickly coats and lubricates metal surfaces to optimize first-start situations by inhibiting metal-to-metal contact and to fight against rust and corrosion. Assembly Lube is formulated to maintain a strong, balanced coating in all weather conditions for an unlimited time.

Hydratherm Hydraulic Oil

Unlike conventional hydraulic oils, Hydratherm is designed to operate at up to 554°F (290°C) in a continuous, closed system, and is purposely designed with Extreme Pressure Modifiers to prevent metal-to-metal contact so as to neutralize friction and wear on the hydraulic pump, valves, and ancilliary equipment.

Liquid Ice Oil Conditioner

Specially formulated to improve equipment performance, life, and efficiency, Liquid Ice provides extreme pressure lubrication to virtually any rotating equipment. Liquid Ice prevents metal-to metal contact between components by producing a chemically induced mono-molecular barrier, that is super effective in neutralizing friction. Any piece of equipment can run cooler, quieter, and longer with Liquid Ice.

MT-1230 Gear Oil

MT-1230 Gear-Oil is a synthetic polyalphaolefin lubricant, fortified with Powertrain Oil Conditioner. It is designed to operate in extreme pressure and in severe service conditions. It is purposely designed with Extreme Pressure Modifiers to prevent metal-to-metal contact so as to neutralize friction, wear, and temperature on all types of gears, bearings, and other equipment.